The Advantages Of Virtual Call Centers

Today, successful businesses have learned a very important lesson: customer satisfaction. The call center solutions offer both the companies and their customers just that. The best part of it is that the call center services are quite cost effective, while the result is stupendous success. Just the fact that a customer knows that he or she can call anytime and find help at the end of the phone line is enough to make the virtual call centers a hot proposition. This assurance of best service and round the clock availability makes it possible for people to make use to certain products and stay loyal to them over the years. There are many advantages that accrue from providing virtual call center services.

At the top of the list, you will find cost efficiency. As it is, the regular call center is a very efficient way of keeping in touch with customers 24/7 and thereby promoting the image of the company as having the welfare of the customer as a top priority.However, the virtual call center solutions are even better when it comes to cost. You do not need to incur the overhead involved with administration costs, maintenance of offices, late arrivals due to commuting problems, and many other problems that are part of the regular hosted call center.

Major Benefits of a Virtual Call System

Blame it on increasing competition or need for an efficient communication, the fact cannot be denied that if a company does not make a correct first impression, then the chance of losing your customers increases. It is indubitable that the satisfaction level of customers of a business decides its fate. Unless the enterprise is able to ensure high standards and make an extremely professional impression, its chances of sustaining at today’s cut throat competition are extremely low. It is not difficult for already established organizations to have their own call center. However, new and small organizations cannot spend additional money on hiring call center executives due to limited finances. In order to project an established and professional first impression, expand their reach and simplify overall communication infrastructure without costing a fortune, a lot of small and home-based businesses opt for virtual call systems and Virtual Telephone Numbers.

Establishing a virtual call system can help businesses to get 1800 number (Toll Free) and a personal virtual receptionist that will automatically answer and route all your calls as per the requirement. Calls can easily be forwarded to any land phone, PDA or cellular number and all the inbound calls are greeted professionally and will be placed on hold while the concerned person is contacted.

Never have to buy or maintain costly telecommunication equipments
Service is offered by high tech innovator Gain confidence of customer by projecting a professional image to your callers Be mobile while still remain connected to your customers Manage time by systematizing the process of calls Get higher customer support ratings by external and internal audits Perform 800 number search and get a toll free number to serve the purpose Manage enterprise communications from anytime and anywhere through online accessibility

If you are a new, small or home-based organization who thinks that a virtual call system can help leverage your business and make a correct impression on your customers, a lot of service providers can be searched online by using search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Apart from call system solutions, you may also get 1800 number and include toll free facility. Although, the world of web has proved it in more than one ways, it is important for you to check the credibility and profile of an organization before finalizing in order to save yourself from the spam sites.

The Virtual Call Forwarding Feature Keeps You Close to Customers

The call forwarding feature of a virtual phone number keeps you connected with your customers and colleagues at all times. This is an incredible feature of a virtual phone system that gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime without missing any important call. You can forward calls to more than one phone number that includes your cell phone number, residence phone number, office phone number and other phone numbers of your choice. Out of this, your cell phone number should be your first choice since it is typically always with you. You can choose from a variety of virtual phone numbers that allow you to take any virtual telephone numbers that you choose and forward the local calls directly to you anywhere in the world.

Benefits of a Call Forwarding Service is particularly helpful for a small business owner who is always busy developing his business and does not have time to manage his calls. All his calls need to be answered promptly and professionally and should be forwarded to him. It gives him more flexibility with his work schedule, which is invaluable for any new entrepreneur. A virtual phone numbers has a special feature called: Follow-Me-Find-Me that practically hunts you down to deliver the call.


Follow-Me-Find-Me is an excellent call forwarding feature that tries to connect you to more than one telephone number of your choice. This could be your residence phone number, your mobile number, office phone number and other phone numbers of your choice. To use this feature, you need to provide the phone numbers and Follow-Me-Fine-Me will hunt you down to deliver the call. You can set your phone system to prevent calls to one particular number during a fixed time of a day or on a day of a week. Forget missed calls once you have Follow-Me-Find-Me feature on your phone system. Your customers can now contact you easily anywhere. The Follow-Me-Find-Me feature also works seamlessly with call screen and announce.

Call Screen and Announce

You can also use the call forwarding feature for advertising your business for free. Let your callers hear a brief sales pitch and then forward the call to the desired person/department. It also allows you to use call screening so that you can have more information about your caller and can answer your calls better. Call screen and announce work to help you save time. You can use call screen and announce on the main number or any extension that is using call forwarding and prompt the caller to record their name. Now you can make a choice to speak directly with the people whom you think are important for your business and can divert the rest to the voicemail box.

Connects You Anywhere Anytime

The call forwarding feature keeps you close to customers always. You must be aware of the effects a missed call can have on a business. Every single call that you fail to answer is equivalent to a missed business chance. Your customers may prefer to inquire about products and services and even place orders from the comfort of their home. Each call that you receive via phone is an opportunity to raise your revenue. It is important that you answer them promptly. The call forwarding feature allows you to answer customers even when you are not in the office, are on vacation or in the car.